Samburu 7s Tournament launched

From left is Michael Lesiamito, Kelvin Adhere, Tom Lolosoli, Rosemary Tinty, Lydia Letinina and Tom Lesarge (right). Photo Courtesy/Homeboyz

The World Sports Safaris in conjunction with the Kenya Rugby League Federation (KRLF) and Samburu county government have launched the Samburu 7s International Rugby Tournament.

The inaugural sports tour is set to be graced by over 1200 players. The nine days of tourism and rugby 7s extravaganza will kick off on the 9 July to 17 July 2022 on the Kenyan plains in Samburu, North of Mount Kenya, where over 80 teams will experience a classic safari and top class rugby with Homeboyz set to be sound and entertainment partner.

According to the organizers, the rugby 7s event is set to incorporate three tiers for the seniors to be played alongside a women’s competition and age grade rugby.

The rugby event will have the usual full contact rugby known as Rugby Union run alongside Rugby League where players play a more entertaining game without hard tackles and breakdowns though just as tough.

Three top quality pitches in the middle of Savannah and a festival village will be erected at the middle of the Kalama Conservancy where after the two days of relaxation, partying, safari and excursions, the large Social Tournament will kick off the three days of rugby competition, followed by a very special Elite Level competition for the “Rhino Cup” and the “Small Nations Cup” for developing national teams.

The five days of living on the Northern Safari Plains of Kenya will be the first international rugby tour in the world to offer vast opportunities to be experienced.

Speaking during the launch, World Sports Safaris director Kelvin Adhere projected a good competition that will raise wildlife awareness alongside creating job opportunities and lasting projects including water sources and a general sports facility.

“Africa and the rest of the world should expect good competition from age grade rugby to senior’s categories. We are looking forward to raising wildlife awareness, giving players and fans in attendance an opportunity to savour the beauty of the area, get involved in other activities like bike riding and mountain hiking and also raise money for the local area projects. In conjunction with the county government, we are interested in aiding the locals in their struggle to access clean water and build a state of the art – high performance sports facility.” World Sports Safaris director Kelvin Adhere told the press in Nairobi.

Speaking on behalf of Samburu county governor Moses Kasaine, the Tourism and Wildlife conservation chief officer Lydia Letinina was grateful for the continued appreciation of tourism in Samburu County.

“We appreciate the continued support for the tourism sector in our county and the introduction of Samburu 7s rugby tournament. We are looking forward to supporting this event, working together to ensure this tournament will remain annual and will last, see you in July,” Samburu County CO Lydia Letinina told the press.

Kalama conservancy manager Tom Lolosoli confirmed an agreement to have the event happen has already been signed to stage the event on three rugby fields.

“The agreement to have the event happen as planned has already been signed and the board has accepted to lease land for the construction of a state of the art training camp as we look forward to a positive impact in the business sector when we host over 1200 players.” Kalama conservancy manager Tom Lolosoli told the media during the launch.

Among the present dignitaries included Samburu County government Tourism and wildlife conservation Chief Officer Lydia Letinina who represented Samburu county governor Moses Kasaine, Samburu national reserve director Tom Lesarge, Kalama conservancy chairman Michael Lesiamito and his manager Tom Lolosoli and the Gender and Social services, culture, youth and sports CC Rosemary Tenty.

World Sports Safaris has a simple mission, to combine the joy and team bonding of a sports tour with the growing demand for eco-tourism. Their goal is to provide sustainable resources and to leave zero environmental footprints.

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