Blak Blad coach reveals undoings in Mwamba loss

Blak Blad pose for group photo. Photo Courtesy/Denis Acre-half

Blak Blad coach Williams Motto says losing the forwards contest and playing in their territory cost them against Mwamba Rugby Club.

The students registered their second loss of the season, falling 28-10 to Mwamba. With one win, two draws and two losses, Blad drop to eighth on the log.

Speaking to the scrummage after the match, Motto pointed at poor scrummages, lineout and playing in the wrong zones as the main reasons behind their loss.

“15’s is a forwards game and we lost it in the forwards because looking at the set pieces, the scrummages, we got our balls under pressure, some of them we lost. Their forwards were a bit heavier than ours so they could control their scrummages well. We lost it completely in the lineout because we lost 80% of the balls including our own balls and our opponents were able to contain their balls.” he said.

“We played about 80% of the time in our zone and whenever you are in the orange, negative and the red zone, it becomes very tough to score. We didn’t make use of territorial kicks and even during penalties, 3 of them could not go out of the pitch.”

The coach also mentioned that they need to work on their kicking and put much effort on the forward pack.

“We need to work on our kickers 15,9,10 then for forwards we need to put much work on the set pieces especially lineout.”

Motto admits the season is a tricky one and he expects a tough battle against Impala next weekend. He however is confident that working on their weaknesses while targeting their opponents strongholds will guarantee them a win.

“This season is very tricky so I expect a very tough battle against Impala as they will be at home. They know we really need those points as much as they do, so it will be a tough one. But right now I’m just checking on the areas, maybe their strongholds so we can go work on their weaknesses as we target their strongholds.’

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