Rift Valley, Coast Nationwide standings

After their first encounters nationwide clubs at the Coast and Riftvalley are battling for spots in their respective tables.

In Rift Valley, Kitale take the top spot having bagged a win with a bonus point, Moi University follows closely with equal five points but are separated by total points scored.

Nakuru Kiti come in third with four points having won their first match but could not manage a bonus point. Molo RFC, Kitale Polytechnic, and Nandi occupy the fourth, fifth, and sixth places respectively having lost their opening matches.

At the Coast the Technical University of Mombasa takes an early lead having taken a bonus point alongside Mombasa RFC who take the second slot with equally five points but separated by total scored points.

SC Buccaneers completes the top three with four points banked while Malindi have only one point bagged.

Universities Pwani and Lukenya take the fifth and sixth places respectively having no wins so far.

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