2021/22 Kenya Cup season fixtures

Contest between KCB and Kabras. Photo Courtesy Denis Acre-Half.

The 2021/22 Kenya Cup season will commence this Saturday 27 November 2021 with all the 12 sides set to participate.

Homeboyz are set to return after they missed the 2021 season citing the inability to guarantee the safety of club members during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again it will be a one-off season with the top four sides set to head directly to the semis after 11 rounds of the regular season. The semis are scheduled for 12 March 2022 and the finals will be on 19 March 2022.

The Men’s league will run concurrently with the women’s league which is set to have six sides participating.

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The opening matches of the season will see Champions KCB Rugby take on Homeboyz as runners-up Kabras RFC set to welcome Blak Blad. Menengai Oilers have a date against Mwamba Rugby Club.

Day one will see fans treated to a Ngong-road derby pitting Kenya Harlequins and Impala Saracens. Varsity side Strathmore Leos and MMUST will take on Nakuru RFC and Nondies respectively.

The league is set to run uninterrupted for four weekends till 18 December 2021 before taking a break to pave way for the Christmas break.

The competition is set to return on 8 January 2021 and the regular season will conclude on 26 February with the final fixtures set to be Homeboyz against Nondies, Impala Saracens vs MMUST, Mwamba vs Kenya Harlequins, Nakuru RFC vs Menengai Oilers, Blak Blad vs Strathmore Leos, and KCB vs Kabras RFC.

Kenya Cup 2021 fixtures

Week 1

27 November 2021

Strathmore Leos v Nakuru, 1.00pm, RFUEA, Nairobi (live)

Kenya Harlequins v Impala Saracens, 3.00pm, RFUEA, Nairobi (live)

Kabras RFC v Blak Blad, 3.00pm, Moi Showground, Kakamega

MMUST Rugby v Nondies, 3.00pm, MMUST, Kakamega

Menengai Oilers v Mwamba, 3.00pm,Moi Showground, Nakuru

KCB Rugby v Homeboyz, 3.00pm, KCB Sports Club, Ruaraka

Women’s Kenya Cup

Mwamba v Topfry Nakuru, 11.00am, RFUEA, Nairobi

Ruckit v Yamanashi Impala Saracens, 1.00pm, Impala Club, Nairobi

Homeboyz v Northern Suburbs, 1.00pm, KCB Sports Club, Ruaraka

Week 2

4-Dec-21 Saturday

MMUST vs Homeboyz Rugby

Nondies vs Kenya Harlequins

Impala Sacerens vs Menengai Oilers

Mwamba RFC vs Strathmore Leos

Nakuru vs Kabras RFC

Blakblad vs KCB RFUEA

Week 3

11-Dec-21 Saturday

Homeboyz Rugby vs Blakblad

KCB vs Nakuru

Kabras RFC vs Mwamba

Strathmore Leos vs Impala Saracens

Menengai Oilers vs Nondies

Kenya Harlequins vs MMUST

Week four

18-Dec-21 Saturday

Kenya Harlequins vs Homeboyz

MMUST Rugby vs Menengai Oilers

Nondies vs Strathmore Leos

Impala Saracens vs Kabras RFC

Mwamba vs KCB

Nakuru vs Blakblad


Mwamba (women) vs Ruck It (women)

Nakuru (women) vs Homeboyz (women)

Northern Suburbs (women) vs Impala (women)

Christmas break (19 December 2021- 7 January 2022)

Week 5 8-Jan-22 Saturday

Homeboyz Rugby vs Nakuru

Blakblad vs Mwamba

KCB vs Impala Sacerens

Kabras vs Nondies

Strathmore Leos vs MMUST

Menengai Oilers vs Kenya Harlequins


Impala (women) vs Nakuru (women)

Ruck It (women) vs Northern Suburbs (women)

Homeboyz (women) vs Mwamba (women)

Week 6

19-January-22 Saturday

 Menengai Oilers vs Homeboyz Rugby

Kenya Harlequins vs Strathmore Leos

MMUST vs Kabras RFC

Nondies vs KCB

Impala Saracens vs Blakblad

Mwamba vs Nakuru RFC

Week 7

22-Jan-22 Saturday

Homeboyz vs Mwamba

Nakuru vs Impala Saracens

Blakblad vs Nondies


Kabras RFC vs Kenya Harlequins

Strathmore Leos vs Menengai Oilers

Week 8

29-Jan-22 Saturday

Strathmore Leos vs Homeboyz Rugby

Menengai Oilers vs Kabras RFC

Kenya Harlequins vs KCB

MMUST vs Blakblad

Nondiecs vs Nakuru RFC

Impala Saracens vs Mwamba


Mwamba (women) vs Impala (women)

Nakuru (women) vs Northern Suburbs (women)

Homeboyz (women) vs Ruck It (women)

Week 9

5-Feb-22 Saturday

Homeboyz vs Impala Saracens

Mwamba vs Nondies

Nakuru RFC vs MMUST

Blak Blad Kenya Harlequins

KCB vs Menengai Oilers

Kabras RFC vs Strathmore

Week 10

19-Feb-22 Saturday

Kabras RFC vs  Homeboyz

Strathmore Leos vs KCB

Menengai Oilers vs Blak Blad

Kenya Harlequins vs Nakuru RFC

MMUST vs Mwamba

Nondies vs Impala Saracens


Impala (women) vs Homeboyz (women)

Nakuru (women) vs Ruck It (women)

Northern Suburbs (women) vs Mwamba (women)

Week 11

26-Feb-22 Saturday

Homeboyz vs Nondies

Impala Saracens vs MMUST

Mwamba vs Kenya Harlequins

Nakuru RFC vs Menengai Oilers

Blak Blad vs Strathmore Leos

 KCB vs Kabras RFC


12-Mar-22 Saturday




19-Mar-22 Saturday

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