2021 World 7s Series impact players: Kenya 7s star Otieno ranked third overall

Kenya 7s players huddle. Photo Courtesy/World Rugby

Hong Kong’s Liam Herbert was the 2021 World 7s Series DHL Impact player of the series with 121 points after two tournaments played in Canada.

Herbert has 23 tackles, eight breaks, 15 offloads, and 44 caries. His teammate Max Denmark had 113 points at position two.

Kenya 7s forward Alvin Otieno finished third on the list with a total of 99 points following 15 tackles, 12 breaks, three offloads, and 42 carries.

He is the lone Kenyan player in the top 10 as Vancouver 7s impact player Daniel Taabu who accumulated 69 points in the first tournament got injured minutes into Shujaa’s opener against Chile in the Edmonton 7s opener. Taabu was forced to follow the tournament on the sidelines.

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The DHL Impact Player Table recognizes such moments using a statistical analysis of individual players’ performances measured against four key criteria – Off-Loads, Carries, Line-breaks, and Tackles.

On execution of these skills during a match, points are awarded – Offloads 2 points, Tackles 1 point, Line Breaks 3 points, Carries 1 point – to create a total score which is tracked through the DHL Performance Tracker.

A winner is announced at the end of each individual tournament and the overall series winner is judged across all legs for Men’s and for Women tournaments.

Courtesy/World Rugby

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