Argentina squad for Australia test

Argentina have named their squad to face Australia in the rugby championship on Saturday of 25 November.

Gigena Facundo, Montoya Julian and Medrano Santiago will lead the front row with Montoya as the team’s captain.

Alemanno Matias and Levanna Tomas come in as locks as Gonzalez Juan Martin, Kremer Marcos and Pablo Matera command the loose forwards roles.

Bertranou Gonzalo starts as the scrum-half and Carreras Santiago at the fly-half.

Boffelli Emiliano and Cordero Santiago will coordinate at the left and the right-wing respectively. Chocobares Santiago and Cinti Lucio will partner at the centre as Mallia Juan Cruz plays the full-back role.

Martinez Rodrigo, Oviedo Juaquin, and Carreras Mateo are Argentina’s change at the substitutions from the previous match.

Soccino Santiago, Pieretto Enrique, Petti Guido,Garcia Gonzalo andMotti Domingo are the replacements.

Argentina’s squad: 1Gigena Facundo, 2. Montoya Julian 3. Medrano Santiago 4. Alemanno Matias 5. Levanna Tomas 6. Gonnzalez Juan Martin 7. Kremer Marcos 8. Pablo Matera 9. Bertranou Gonzalo 10. Carreras Santiago 11. Boffelli Emiliano 12.Chocobares Santiago 13. Cinti Lucio 14. Cordero Santiago 15. Mallia Juan Cruz

Replacements:16. Soccino Santiago 17. Martinez Rodrigo 18. Pieretto Enriqu 19. Petti Guido 20. Oviedo Juaquin 21. Garcia Gonzalo 22. Motti Domingo 23. Carreras Mateo

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