Uganda Premiership

Uganda Rugby Clubs set for social media training

Uganda Rugby clubs’ social media managers are set to undergo an online training seminar on managing social media accounts, the Uganda Rugby Union has announced.

The training seminar is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 1, and will feature two representatives from all clubs.

In a press release by the union, the purpose of the seminar is to aid in guiding the teams on how to operate and maximizing the full potential of the clubs social media accounts.

“Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the session will take place online and will be moderated by outsourced experts in the field to guide the teams on how to operate and maximize the full potential of their clubs’ social media accounts,” reads the press release in part.

“A letter was sent out to the chairmen of the clubs to share the names and emails of the representatives,” further reads the press release.

The Uganda Premiership features a total of 10 teams, all active in both Twitter and Facebook.

In October 2017, Martech noted that 61% of all sports viewers follow sports accounts (clubs social media accounts, etc), while 80% interact on social media, hence creating a lucrative platform to help clubs in raising revenue.

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