Wazalendo Rugby: Newbies keen to change rugby in Bungoma

Wazalendo Rugby is the latest club in Bungoma County having transformed from an academy to a club in 2020.

The side is aiming at becoming a full-fledge club after years of nurturing talents at age-grade level.

Being in a talent-rich region, their founder Peter Wamoto, a former TUK, Nondies and Bungoma Rugby player says their top target is to earn Kenya Rugby Union affiliation and start participating in the local leagues with the aim of getting to the top tier.

“We started as an academy that nurtured and still continues to nurture talent at age-grade level. The focus at that time was to improve on the skills of the players from Bungoma by getting them started at an early age,” Wamoto told Scrummage.

“Our target is to register with the rugby union, get a suitable sponsor and kick start the process of getting to the topmost league,” he added

The club’s target is to nurture and impart skills on players to enable them compete at the highest levels and be all-around players, who will be able to deliver both on and off the pitch.

Other targets include introducing rugby at primary school in the Western Region and popularizing the game in rural areas

“With the help of other stakeholders, we are keen to introduce rugby to primary schools in the Western Region, as well as take rugby to the grassroots. There is this notion that rugby is a ‘town sport’, we would like to end it by taking rugby right into villages so that the sport can gain from more involvement by the communities,” Wamoto stated.

Despite having big dreams for the sport in Bungoma, Wamoto admits that it will take time and commitment to achieve their targets.

“It takes a lot to get to top-level, but with the hard work and commitment of both players and trainers, and the support of sponsors and the community, am optimistic that we will get there,”

Part of the challenges that the side is currently facing include lack of kits, suitable training ground and lack of funds.

“The challenges are a lot but I would major on this three, money, kits and lack of a proper field.
My main focus is on training.” he revealed.

“Am a strong believer that if we can cultivate the culture of consistent training and a good work ethic, then Bungoma Rugby will change for the better.”

“I most definitely don’t claim to have all the solutions to what ails Bungoma Rugby but am willing to use the little that I know and also the advice of those around me to take Bungoma rugby forward.”

The club has urged wellwishers and sponsors to offer them support which will go along way in helping them achieve their targets.

“I would like to encourage sponsors and any well-wishers to come on board and support this great community initiative. I assure them good results based on the work that we’ve been doing for the last 6 months, it can only get better moving forward. Those who wish to support can contact me via my email”

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