Northern Suburbs’ Wilfred Waswa on experience as first time captain

The 2019/2020 season saw Northern Suburbs promoted to the championship level and despite the challenges and the tough competition, they have managed to stay afloat in the league and qualified for the playoffs.

Scrummage managed to grab time with the captain of the side Wilfred Waswa who shared his experience as a first-time captain as well as his appearance for Chipu at the U20 Junior trophy tournament in Brazil.

After launching a successful campaign at the nationwide level Northern suburbs were the side that was promoted in the Nairobi region, Waswa says being a young team they were excited and enthusiastic to play at a different and much competitive level.

Their first match would however not go as they expected. “We received baptism by fire in our opener match against Strathmore but we had to keep soaring,” he said.

He added that as a first-time captain he had to deal with anxiety in the first game but as time went on he got more experience.

“It was no easy task a first-time captain, I was anxious but as time went by I got more used to my job.”

The team showed exemplary performance winning seven of the 16 matches they played before sporting events were put on hold which Waswa attributes to hard work and sessions with Curtis Olago, hooker George Asin as well Coach Jachwire that very been very helpful in their championship campaign.

The championship journey was full of challenges too, competing without a sponsor was the major challenge as well the night travels for their away matches was hectic. Waswa appreciates efforts by his teammates as well as the Simba rugby fans who came in handy during tough times.

Waswa says they pull their inspiration from their backgrounds as many of them come from humble backgrounds which motivate them as a team to do even better.

On his appearance for Chipu, Waswa defines it as a dream come true and hopes to get a call up for the senior national team in future.

During the lockdown, Waswa managed to actualize the strength and conditioning coaching he took in 2019 as he interacted with other players from different disciplines. He runs a movie store which he says was an idea that came about during the lockdown.

Before the suspension of sporting events, Waswa was to lead his side against USIU Martials for the championship quarters.

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