Kenya Simbas coach Paul Odera eulogizes departed Father Caffrey

Kenya Simbas Head Coach Paul Odera has eulogized Father Frank Caffrey who on died on Tuesday 14 due to Coronavirus related complications.

Caffrer served as a bursar at St Mary’s School between 1996 to 2002. During the period he was dedicated to improve the game at St Mary’s school and in the country.

Shape approach

Odera who got a chance to work with father Caffrey as a player says he helped to shape his approach to rugby and his coaching philosophy.

“Father Caffrey shaped not only my approach to rugby but broadened my outlook on life and his method of getting the best out of us players has formed the basis of my coaching philosophy. ” Odera is quoted by KRU.

“I lost my father when I was in 2nd Form and Father Caffrey together with the headmaster at that time Father Hogan and our Dean Mr. Gannon played a big role in being the father figures in my life through my high school.”

“My approach to the national team has been one of inclusion. To accommodate every race, tribe, rich or poor player. As long as they have the ability. I learned this from Fr. Caffrey. When I was captain he had set up a process of consultation every Wednesday before the Prescott cup matches.”

Father Frank Caffrey. Photo Courtesy

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Kenya Rugby Union Odour Gangla on his part praised the departed for the services he rendered to Saints.

“We celebrate him for the services he rendered to rugby while at St Mary’s School. We really want to join the family in celebrating this great man,” said Gangla.

Father Caffrey was laid to rest on Saturday 18 April 2020 in Dublin, Ireland.

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