Blak Blad shock Impala

Blak Blad beat Impala for the first time in seven meetings picking a narrow 20-17 win at Kenyatta University to move five points above the danger zone.

The Kenyatta University side was eager to get the victory after their narrow loss against Mwamba. Impala would, however, draw first blood through a try by George Okowa, Sammy Oliech’s attempt to convert did not go through.

Scrums by both teams were solid, showing how powerful both teams were. Blad acquired a penalty which Kelvin Gathu booted through. The students had plenty of turnovers giving the Ngong roadside hard tasks.

Stormy Odhiambo got an injury that forced him to leave the field while Arcadius Khwesa was penalised for holding the ball on the ground, a penalty that birthed a try by Alvin Marube. This time round Oliech had the points in.

Kelvin Gathu converted a penalty that was successful to end the first half with the scores reading 12- 6 with Impala leading.

The second half saw Impala take dominance for a moment and a dash by Bill Omondi on the left wing was cut short by a heavy tackle from Blad full-back Kelvin Gathu.

Allan Ominde who had come in for Stormy Odhiambo also had to leave due to injury.  Another penalty for Impala saw Sam Onsomu touch down to extend Impala’s lead.

Brian Kadenge majestic step ensured he entered the scoreboard as Kelvin Gathu added the extras. Brian Wahinya scored another try for Blad to give Blad the lead for the first time, Gathu had the points in making scores 20-17.

Blad held on to win.

Blak Blad: 15.Gathu Kelvin 14.Archadias Khwesa 13.Stormy Odhiambo 12.Ian Obukwa (C) 11.Martial Mutai 10.Ajeliti Lionel 9.Wahinya Brian  1.Imbuye Baerum 2.Mutoka Edwin 3.Collins Obure 4.Mubarak Elkindy 5.Obat Kuke 6.George wanga 7.Dennis Opiyo 8.Kidinga Wesley

Replacements: 16.John Chege 17.Litali Humphrey 18.Rabut Chris 19.Nyausi Kelvin 20.Steve Ochieng 21.Dennis Mutethia 22.Allan Ominde 23.Kadenge Brian

Impala Saracens 15. Anthony Odhiambo 14. Alvin Marube 13. Anthony Nyandigisi 12. Ishmael Mokaya 11. Bill Omondi – *V.Captain* 10. Sammy Oliech 9. Samson Onsomu  1. Nesta Okotch 2. Girvens Onyango 3. Brian Ochieng 4. Davis Makori 5. Tyson Okoth 6. Harritone Munai 7. Carlwilliam Odhiambo 8. Dancan Ekasi – *Captain*

Replacements 16. Wambiri Chege 17. Emmanuel Otieno 18. John Kiilu 19. Eric Kerre 20. Bill Arigi 21. Xavier Kipn’getich 22. Israel Soi 23. George Okowa

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