Sydney 7s Pools announced, no quarters

Pools for the fourth leg of the World 7s Series have been announced ahead of the tournament slated for Bank west Stadium in Sydney, Australia on 1-2 February.

Cape Town and Hamilton 7s winners New Zealand will square it out with Kenya 7s, World 7s Series holders Fiji and Wales who sit bottom on the Series standings in Pool A.

South Africa are in Pool B ahead of the tournament and will battle with Hamilton 7s finalists France, Argentina and Samoa.

Hosts Australia will be in Pool C where they are set to play against USA, Scotland and Invitational side Japan.

In the final Pool, England will have dates against Canada, Ireland and Spain.

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New Zealand are the defending Champions having beaten USA 21-5 in  2019.  Kenya, on the other hand, managed five points from the tournament.  Just like Hamilton 7s the winner of the pool will head to semis as there will be no quarters.

A total of $1000 will now be donated to the Red Cross for each try scored by Australian men’s and women’s teams, this after Rugby Australia and World Rugby pledged $500 each for a try scored by the host teams with the cash set to channelled to Bushfire recovery and relief activities.

Sydney 7s Pools
Pool A: New Zealand, Kenya, Fiji, Wales

Pool B: South Africa, France, Argentina, Samoa

Pool C: Australia, USA, Scotland, Japan

Pool D: England, Canada, Ireland and Spain

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