Western Bulls release squad for Nondies assignment

Western Bulls have named their squad that will take on Nondies in a Kenya Cup encounter to be played at the Bull Ring this Saturday.

Teddy Akala will stay in the front row where he will play alongside Willis Mwinamo and Joseph Obiero. Gilbert Onindo and Collins Ogutu are the locks joined by Andrew Odhiambo, Robert Awich and Nelly Omukuba.

Allan Kasiti and Nygel Pattersan form the halfback partnership as Nickson Manduku and Byrum Mukhonyi start in the midfield.  Kevin Mutali is on the left-wing, Hillary Okwemba is on the right and Eugene Asava will start at fullback usual.

The club’s leading try-scorer Derrick Ashihundu, hooker Bretty Kamadi, Treasure Odundo, Elvis Wekesa and Isaac Wafula are on the bench.

Western Bulls 1. Willis Mwinamo 2. Teddy Akala 3. Joseph Obiero 4. Gilbert Onindo 5. Collins Ogutu 6. Andrew Odhiambo 7. Robert Awich 8. Nelly Omukuba 9. Allan Kasiti 10. Nygel Pattersan 11. Kevin Mutali 12. Nickson Manduku 13. Byrum Mukhonyi 14. Hillary Okwemba  15. Eugene Asava

Replacements: 16. Bretty Kamadi 17. Lucky Opiyo 18. Treasure Odundo 19. Elvis Wekesa  20. Sabatia Lesline 21. Isaac Wafula 22. Henry Odhiambo 23. Derick Ashihundu

Ess  1. Warren Ndonji 2. Silas Ambehi 3. Okute Brian 4. Elvis Olukusi 5. Reinhardt Omutoko 6. Javan Osango 7. Lincoln Barasa 8. Edward Odhiambo  9. Derrick Lukale  10. Sabatia Lesline 11. Frank Mukaisi 12. Emmanuel Owade 13. Eliab Barasa 14. Jeff Njite 15. Frănk Muchalwa

Replacements: 16. Eric Logedi 17. Freddy Khaemba 18. Sammy Turkwel 19. Peter Kayala 20. Kevin Manase 21.Athanas Mabango 22.Raf Arnold 23. Brighton Bakasa

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