Webuye 10s semi-final pairings

Webuye 10s tournament is set to enter the last four stage this afternoon, with the sides set to battle for a place in the finals at Webuye  DEB Grounds.

Lugulu who are eyeing the fourth straight Cup title in the tournament have qualified for the semis after a slim 5-0 win over Ndalu in the first quarterfinal. They have booked a date with Butere who eliminated Misikhu after scoring four times and converted three times for 26-0 win in their quarterfinal match.

The hosts Webuye pipped Nalondo to reach the last four. A single try was enough to send the side to the semis where they will take on Bukembe who ran four tries and converted two to beat Segere 22-7.

This is the 10th edition of the Webuye 10s.

Main cup semis pairing

Lugulu Vs Butere
Webuye vs Bukembe
Quarterfinal results

Lugulu 5-0 Ndalu
Butere 26-0 Misikhu
Nalondo 0-5 Webuye
Segere 7-22 Bukembe

Lugulu 14-0 Kimaiti
Segere 19-0 Bungoma Select
Bungoma 15-0 Maliki
Nalondo 17-12 Misikhu
Bukembe 20-5 Kimilili
Ndalu 22-0Turbo
Butere 14-0 Bungoma MT w/o
Webuye 36-0 Olympus
Lugulu 15-0Bungoma Select
Butere 44-0 Olympus 
SeGere 14-0Kimaiti
Bungoma 10-19 Nalondo
Misikhu 5-5 Maliki
Bukembe 22-5 Turbo
Ndalu 5-5 Kimilili
Webuye 14-0 Bungoma MT W/O
Lugulu 12-0 Segere
Bungoma Select 14-0 Kimaiti
Bungoma 0-24 Misikhu
Nalondo 7-20 Maliki
Bukembe 10-7  Ndalu
Turbo 0-12 Kimilili
Butere 14-0 Webuye
Olympus 14-0 Bungoma MT W/O

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