Bukembe win Webuye 10s

Bukembe are the winners of the Webuye 10s following a 12-7 victory over Butere in the final played at Webuye DEB Grounds on Saturday 28 December.

Two tries with one being converted were enough to hand Bukembe the trophy. Butere managed one converted try in the loss. Despite losing Eugene Asava of Butere was awarded as the Most Valuable Player.

To reach the finals, Butere knocked out Lugulu who had won the title for the last three editions. Butere won the clash 10-7.

Bukembe, on the other hand, edged out hosts Webuye for a 7-5 to proceed to final.  Lugulu finished third after a 21-0 win over Webuye while Ndalu finished fifth following a 5-0 win in the playoffs against Nalondo.

Bungoma were the Challenge trophy winners after beating Kimilili 14-0. Bukembe’s Junior team also scooped the Junior category Trophy after a 14-7 win against Bokoli in the finals. Joseph Kisindai of Bukembe was the MVP in the category while Bokoli’sPhilemon Wafula got the Most Promising award.

The tournament was marking the 10th edition since its inception.

Webuye 10s results

Cup final

Bukembe 12-7 Butere

Third Place playoffs 

Lugulu 21-0 Webuye

Fifth place playoffs 

Ndalu 5-0 Nalondo

Junior Cup final

Bukembe 14-7 Bokoli

Cup Semis

Butere 10-7 Lugulu

Webuye 5-7 Bukembe

Fifth place semis 

Ndalu 27-5 Misikhu

Nalondo 12-5 Segere

Challenge Trophy 

Olympus 0-14 Bungoma

Maliki 14-21 Kimilili

Main cup semis pairing

Lugulu Vs Butere
Webuye vs Bukembe
Cup Quarterfinal

Lugulu 5-0 Ndalu
Butere 26-0 Misikhu
Nalondo 0-5 Webuye
Segere 7-22 Bukembe


Lugulu 14-0 Kimaiti
Segere 19-0 Bungoma Select
Bungoma 15-0 Maliki
Nalondo 17-12 Misikhu
Bukembe 20-5 Kimilili
Ndalu 22-0Turbo
Butere 14-0 Bungoma MT w/o
Webuye 36-0 Olympus
Lugulu 15-0Bungoma Select
Butere 44-0 Olympus 
SeGere 14-0Kimaiti
Bungoma 10-19 Nalondo
Misikhu 5-5 Maliki
Bukembe 22-5 Turbo
Ndalu 5-5 Kimilili
Webuye 14-0 Bungoma MT W/O
Lugulu 12-0 Segere
Bungoma Select 14-0 Kimaiti
Bungoma 0-24 Misikhu
Nalondo 7-20 Maliki
Bukembe 10-7  Ndalu
Turbo 0-12 Kimilili
Butere 14-0 Webuye
Olympus 14-0 Bungoma MT W/O

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