Western Bulls reveal plans ahead of Kenya cup return

Western Bulls head coach Bramwel Shikanda has stated his intentions of beefing up his squad ahead of the 2019/2020 Kenya cup season to compliment on his current crop of players.

Although Bulls boasts of many players, Shikanda acknowledges the competitiveness of Kenya’s top tier league hence seeing the need to add more experienced players to his squad.

“Our young squad did well to earn promotion and they fought a good fight,  hands up to them. Kenya Cup is a bit tricky and has challenging fixtures.  We will need to step up, beef up the squad because we have a thin squad and most players are from high school with little experience. There are positions we will definitely have to make additionals like the front row.” Shikanda said.

A thorough pre-season and proper conditioning are on top of the tactician’s agenda as Echulusi looks to announce its return to Kenya cup. Shikanda will be keen to maintain many of his current players.

“We will work to keep the players that played for us. In the past we have had a lot of inconsistencies where many guys leave and we have to bring in new ones. We have time so we will have to do more in terms of preparation in pre-season and ensure the guys are well conditioned for the campaign.”

Western Bulls confirmed their slot in the 2019/20 season by beating USIU in the semis staged in Nairobi three weeks ago.

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