Miathene, Kangaru in Eastern Region 15s quarters

The race for the Eastern Region 15s title has intensified with eight sides set to battle for the semi-final slot of the competition on Friday 21 March

The first quarterfinal set for Meru Polytechnic will see Muvuti face-off with Mukuuni while defending Champions Miathene are set to clash with Kevote.

Kangaru who are seeking to reclaim the 15s title will play against Meru County runners-up Abothuguci. Chogoria will take on the pitch to tackle Kitui in the final clash.


1.Muvuti vs Mukuuni
2.Miathene vs Kevote
3.Kangaru vs Abothuguci
4.Chogoria vs Kitui
Pool Stages
St paul 0-24 muvuti
Miathene 37-7 kitui
Kangaru 22-0 Mukuni
Makueni 13-0Marsabit
Abothugucci 10-9 katheka
Kevote0-20 Chogoria
St Paul 0-14 Abothguci
Muvuti 31-3 Katheka
Miathen 27-0 Matunglu
Kasikeu 0- 54 Kangaru
Makueni 7-12 Kevote
Chogoria 5-0 Marsabit
St Paul 0-24 Katheka
Muvuti 21-0 Abothugucci
Matungul 5-36 Kitui
Makueni 7-10 Chogoria
Marsabit 0-17 Kevote

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