Eastern region 15s poolings

The eastern region 15s school games poolings have been released as the games are set to kick off on Monday 18 and run all the way to Thursday 21.

Reigning champions Miathene will be looking to retain the title when they face Kitui, Matungulu and Isiolo in group B.

Rugby heavyweights in the region, Kangaru High school will also be in action against Mukuuni, Makueni and Manyatta in group C fixtures.

Pool A will have Kiwanjani and Muvuti while pool D will see Kasikeu, Marsabit, Chogoria and Kevote.

The National games are expected to kick off on 5th April and end at 14th April at Shanzu TTC and Shimo La Tewa.  During the same period, there shall be athletics for students with special needs.

In the calendar, the Rugby 7s and 15 are set to run among the term one games. Other games expected to take place in the term one include Basket Ball, hockey, swimming, and athletics.

Pool A: St Paul Kiwanjani, Muvuti Abothugucci, Kitui 2
Pool B Miathene, Kitui, Matungulu, Isiolo
Pool C: Kangaru, Mukuuni, Makueni boys, Manyatta
Pool D: Kasikeu, Marsabit Mixed, Chogoria, St Pauls Kevote

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