Vihiga win county 7s, in contention for 15s crown

Vihiga High School have bagged the Vihiga County 7s title following a 19-7 win over hosts Chavakali in the finals held on Friday Evening.

The side under the guidance of John Asila who is also a MMUST Rugby assistant Coach landed three tries and failed to convert one. Chavakali managed just one converted try.

It was a sweet revenge for Vihiga who had suffered a l9-12 loss in the group stages.  The two will proceed to the Regional games competition set for next weekend.

Nyang’ori got a podium finish after registering a 12-5 win over Kivagala. In the semis Vihiga got a 21-0 win over Nyang’ori while Kivagala suffered a 60-0 loss to Chavakali in the second semis.

Vihiga are also in the race for the 15s the 15s title having reached the semis.  They have booked a date with Mbale while Ebusololi and Emusire will battle in other semis.

The semis and final will be on Saturday 9 March.


Chavakali 07-19 Vihiga

Play off

Nyang’ori 12-07 Kivagala


Chavakali 60-00 Kivagala

Vihiga 21-00 Nyang’ori

Rugby 7s Day 2

Chavakali 41- 00 Essongolo
Nyang’ori 17-00 Masana
Vihiga 17- 00Esalwa
Ebulonga 00- 10 Ematsuli
Kaptik 19-00’Essongolo
Kivagala 31-00 Masana

Day 1 7s

Rugby 7s
Chavakali 36-0 Kaptik
Nyang’ori 14-12 Kivagala
Vihiga 43-0 Esongolo
Ebulonga 5-26 Masana
Chavakali 41-0 Esalwa
Nyang’ori 26-0 Ematsuli
Vihiga 41-0 Kaptik
Ebulonga 0-40 Kivagala
Chavakali 19-12 Vihiga
Nyang’ori 29-0 Ebulonga

Rugby 15s Semi Finals

Vihiga vs Mbale

Ebusiloli vs Emusire

Rugby 15s Day 2
Kaimosi 00- 10 Kegoye
Vihiga 17-00 Hobunaka
Ebusiloli 10-03 Mbale
Nyang’ori 00-27 Busali
Vihiga 03-00 Emusire
Hobunaka 17- 00 Nyang’ori
Busali 00-Emusire

Rugby 15s day 1

Vihiga 10-0 Busali Union

Kegoye 0-10 Mbale

Hobunaka 0-55 Emusire

Kaimosi 0-15 Ebusiloli

Vihiga 45-0 Nyang’ori

Ebulonga 0-40 Kivagala

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