Concussion forces another star to retirement

Australian International Anthony Fainga’a has hanged his boots after experiencing severe ongoing concussions at age 32.

Fainga has experienced several head knocks during his rugby career with the 2011 one during the Rugby World Cup being soo intense that he had to be carried out of the pitch being unconscious for more than a minute.

The concussions have lately been soo severe that he had to be held on the altar during his twin’s brother wedding (Saia) who is also a Wallabies player.

Fainga’a has been a Center player playing for the Wallabies a total of 23 matches and also was a member of the Reds Super Rugby championship winning team of 2011 he is set to move back to Brisbane after this forced decision from Japan where he has been playing for the past 3 months.
He said he had the chance to continue with his rugby career but believes he has made the right decision.

“I’m probably only one more head knock away from being a vegetable or not being able to play with my kids,” Fainga’a told Fox Sports News.

“After a couple of really big head knocks, I had to make a big decision,” Fainga’a said, recalling an occasion more than two years ago when he realised the effect concussions were having on his health.”
“I got a few head knocks last year and after all these head knocks I had to make a decision, make a choice about what I wanted to do with my future.
“I love the rugby game so much but I needed to look after my mental health.”

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