Sydney 7s Quarterfinal pairings

After the completion of day one matches of the Sydney 7s, the Quarterfinal pairings of the competition have been known.

The main Cup finals will see a face-off between hosts Australia and Fiji as New Zealand battle it out with France in the second main Cup quarterfinal match.

The third match will see South Africa take on England while USA will tackle Spain in the final Quarterfinal clash.

In the Challenge trophy matches which will kick off day two action, Tonga are scheduled to play first Challenge Trophy clash against Japan.

In the second match,  Kenya 7s will be seeking to recover from day one poor run as they tackle Wales at 3:00 A.M.  Argentina will have a date with Samoa.

The final match of the Challenge trophy will be the date between Canada and Scotland.

Challenge Trophy 

Japan vs Tonga

Kenya vs Wales

Argentina vs Samoa

Canada vs Scotland

Day 1 results

Scotland 7s 7 – 10 Spain 7s

New Zealand 7s 27 – 14 Wales 7s

Canada 7s 24 – 14 Kenya 7s

USA 7s 7 – 0 France 7s

Australia 7s 14 – 29 Argentina 7s

South Africa 7s 45 – 5 Tonga 7s

Samoa 7s 12 – 24 England 7s

Fiji 7s 29 – 5 Japan 7s

Scotland 7s 12 – 26 Wales 7s

New Zealand 7s 41 – 0 Spain 7s

Canada 7s 12 – 17 France 7s

USA 7s 41 – 0 Kenya 7s

Australia 7s 32 – 0 Tonga 7s

South Africa 7s 25 – 10 Argentina 7s

Samoa 7s 17 – 21 Japan 7s

Fiji 7s 14 – 7 England 7s

Spain 7s 21 – 5 Wales 7s

New Zealand 7s 42 – 0 Scotland 7s

Kenya 7s 17 – 40 France 7s

USA 7s 36 – 14 Canada 7s

Argentina 7s 34 – 12 Tonga 7s

South Africa 7s 21-22 Australia 7s

England 7s Japan 7s

Fiji 7s Samoa 7s

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