Top coach accuses opponents of spying on his training sessions

England coach Eddie Jones has accused Wales  counterpart Warren Gatland  of employing spying tactics during his open training sessions at Twickenham.

This is after Leeds football boss Marcelo Bielsa came out and admitted of sending a member of his staff to watch the training o every club they have faced this season.

“It seems spying on the opposition isn’t confined to football,” this is according to England head coach Jones.

Jones, told the mirror “That Leeds bloke was just telling everyone what everyone does. Like everyone does that.

“I can guarantee (Wales coach) Warren Gatland sends someone when we have an open session here.

“I have been coaching for 20 years and it has always been going on.”

“Fifteen years ago we used to send people out in costumes to watch training,” he added.

“I can remember sending a coach, who is in a very senior position now, in a costume to go and watch one team play.

“He was dressed up like a swagman, one of those hats with corks – and he got chased out of there.

“Seriously, I can say with a hand on my heart, we don’t do it (spying) any more. We just don’t see the value of it because we can glean most of the stuff from the games now.

“But back in the early 2000s it used to be part of the pre-match brief.”

Jones admitted that it will be hard to curb spying in this year’s world cup as most training grounds are surrounded by office buildings, but said that England would do everything to protect their line out calls and game plans.

“I don’t want to get to the extent where we go to the team room and we’re putting blue tac on the key hole and you’re looking under seats for tape recorders,” he said.

“It creates a sense of paranoia and one of the things you learn at a World Cup is that players work hard but also need a sense of enjoyment to be at their best.

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