Springbok captain Kolisi’s comments on quota system causes stir

South African captain Siya Kolisi has weighed in his comments on the quota system that demands 50 percent of the springbok players for this year’s world cup should be black causing a major stir among the fans.

Kolisi believes even Nelson Mandela himself would not have supported the system saying selection should not be based on color. In the interview he insists that better systems should be put in place from the grass root levels.

“I don’t think he [Mandela] would have supported that [quotas], but I don’t know him.” Kolisi told Japanese news agency Kyodo News.

“I would not want to be picked because of my skin colour because that surely would not be good for the team, and the guys around you would know.”

“You should not put a number on stuff like that.”

“If you want to talk about [racial] transformation, you have got to start there [grassroots level].

“Imagine if I had not gone to an English [high] school. I would not have eaten properly, I would not have grown properly.

“Maybe in the Currie Cup [domestic championship] you can try guys out and push people in and see how they do.

“But you cannot just [pick someone in the Springboks side because of his colour]. In South Africa, it is tough because we want results and transformation.”

Many fans seemed not to be amused by Kolisi’s comments taking to twitter to express their feelings on the same.

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