Scotland captain John Barclay likely to miss six nations campaign

 Scotland captain John Barclay may miss his country’s six nations campaign due to an injury to his Achilles’ tendons.

Barclay picked up the injury in last season’s pro 14 semis final and according to Edinburg coach  Richard Cockerill the 32 year old is not expected back to action for another couple of months.

“As that [Six Nations] is not very far away he certainly won’t make the start of it by the looks of it,” Cockerill told The Scotsman. “There’s no date at this point. He’s had a serious injury and he’s an aging player, so there are no definitives on those.

“Achilles tendons can be notoriously a little bit tricky, and he’s an older player, and older players heal slower.

“He’s on target, but that could be six months or nine months, which is what we were told at the start.”


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