Kabras recall dependable players for Impala clash

Kabras head coach Henly Du Plessis has named his squad that will tackle second-placed Impala Saracens in a Kenya Cup match scheduled for Kakamega Showground on Saturday 15 December.
South Africa tactician has made five changes, calling in Mario Wilson for his debut. Philip Wokorach, Logan Basson, George Messo, Max Adaka have been called to the first 15 while Ephraim Odour,  Geoffrey Shitambasi, Eliphaz Emong, Charlton Mokua,  Kevin Keegan and Fabian Olandoe have paved way.
Wilson who joined Kabras recently from South Africa is in the midfield alongside Nick Baraza while Felix Ayange and Paul Abuto will man the left and right wing respectively.
Wokorach is back at fullback while Bason will partner with Tanga at halfback. In the front row, Du Plessis has deployed Asuman Mugerwa, Adaka and Hosea Ngesa. Messo and Brian Tonya are in the second row while back row has Dan Sikuta, George Nyambua and Claude Johanness.
The banch has the likes of Hosea Ngesa, Kevin Kaboole, Felix Ayange, Kevin Keegan and Johnstone Mungau. The Sugarmen will be in search of the fifth straight win in Kenya Cup this season.
Starting squad: 1Asuman Mugerwa, 2. Max Adaka, 3.Hosea Ngesa, 4.Geoffrey Messo, 4.Brian Tonya, 6. Dan Sikuta, 7. George Nyambua, 8. Claude Johannes, 9. Brian Tanga, 10. Logan Basson, 11. Felix Ayange 12. Nick Baraza, 13.Mario Wilson, 14 Paul Abuto, 15. Philip Wokorach.
Replacements: 16 Geoff Shitambasi Joseph Odero, Kevin Kabole Malik Habil Kevin Keegan Bram Mayaka, Johnstone Mungau

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