Machine praised despite loss to Impala

Mean Machine tactician  Ramseyfield Matekwa praised his team saying they put in their level best despite narrowly losing 22-19 to Impala on Saturday 8 at the RFUEA grounds.
Machine had control of the game early on in the game giving Impala a run for their money. Despite leading at half time, the students would give away their lead to Impala through a late penalty. Matekwa pinpointed lack of awareness and laxity on the set pieces as their major undoings in that match.
“The boys tried there level best but the officiating has been poor on our side because actually we were taking the game by the heads.” Matekwa said after the match against Impala.
“the shortcomings were on awareness a little bit and also laxity on the set pieces.”
The coach also took time to appreciate their fans for the support that they displayed rallying behind their team saying it makes a big difference.
“we really thank our fans because they are the motivating factor which really helps us be heads up all through.”

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