Mombasa squad on the hunt against Egerton

Mombasa head coach Lewis Olaka has named the squad that will face Egerton Wasps in Nakuru on Saturday 8th.
Yassin Mohammed, Brian Owino and Wayne Omondi will start at front row while long serving Sydney Mukudi will partner with Newton Malenya to provide the extra push at second row. Don Ooro and Patrick Mwakina will take care of the flanks with Benjamin Erukan taking the final spot in the first eight.
Kevin Owuor and Nick Mawira continue their partnership at half back positions while Ezra Mulusa and Dennis Wechuli will get things moving in the midfield.  Absolomon Mugubi and Gabriel Makatiani take charge of the right and left wing respectively while Samuel Okioma takes the full back roles.
Mombasa who lost narrowly  to USIU last weekend will be looking to overcome the students who managed to pick a win over another coast outfit south coast pirates last week.
Dumes on duty against Egerton University: 1. Yassin Mohammed 2. Brian Owino 3. Wayne Omondi 4. Sydney Mukudi 5. Newton Malenya 6. Don Ooro 7. Patrick Mwakina 8. Benjamin Erukan 9. Kevin Owuor(P) 10. Nick Mawira(P) 11. Gabriel Makatiani 12. Ezra Mulusa (P) 13. Dennis Wechuli(C)(P) 14. Absalom Mugubi 15. Samuel Okioma 16. Samuel Mwaniki 17. George Muritu 18. Anthony Khausi 19. Charlton Bosire(P) 20. Dennis Njagi 21. Max Angore 22. Jabir Jibril

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