KRU Nationwide standings ahead of match day four

With a score of 15 points, Cooperative university and Swara are leading in the Nairobi Nationwide league at university and club levels respectively.
Daystar falcons come second after with a goal difference of 86 with 14 points same as the Administration police having a goal difference of 85.
MKU Stingers come at the fourth position with 10 points tying with the Technical University of Kenya with a goal difference of 119 and 38 accordingly pushing KCA University to the sixth position with 6 points and Nazarene university at number seven having no point.
Multimedia University follows with -2 points while with -4 points, MOH Spice Aviators RFC at the ninth position with Pioneer university ending the chart with -6 points.
In the clubs category, with 15 points each a goal difference of 229 places Swara at the top spot with Northern Suburbs at second and third position with goal difference of 142 and 54 respectively.
Vandals and Makueni RFC hold position four and five respectively with 9 points and goal difference of 24 and 15.
Comras secures a position before Catholic with goal difference of -8 and -25 with 5 points.
Dagoretti bulldogs attained the 8th position with a single point followed by KCAA Stomers with goal difference of -142 but without any point similar to Masaku RFC which tailed with -165 points.

Photo Courtesy/KRU

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