Siambe speaks on Swaras dominance over Dagoretti Bulldogs

Swaras captain Karl Siambe has acknowledged their dominance over Dagoretti Bulldogs, whom they downed 64-6, a high note that they were predetermined on employing basic rugby skills and manage their game plan under pressure.
‘We were keen on employing basic rugby skills and could play well under pressure. We hence managed to beat bulldogs when they expected unheard of rugby,’ Siambe told Scrummage.
Concluding on his remarks, he pointed out that they were set and on sight for Championship, ‘Our guys have trained hard in preseason so we actually have to execute it at game day. We are a championship side, just in a short while to actualize our dreams.’
Swaras are top in the Nairobi Nationwide League club category after two big wins where they thrashed Masaku 97-3 in the opener followed by the second match, Dagoretti Bulldogs.

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