Germany Coach praises team after win over Kenya Simbas

Germany head coach Mike Ford has commended his team after the team emerged victorious over Kenya.
The coach was particularly impressed with how his squad played the second half and even termed it a perfect second half.
“That was a very good game, an almost perfect second half.”
The coach is optimistic with the squad and believes with a little more preparation the team could  have done better in the tournament, more so after the squad fighting to the brink and investing in their form, he also believes that he can build the correct form needed in the Germany rugby
With a bit more preparation, maybe more could have been in this tournament. But the guys fought to the brink, I’ve never been part of a team that invests so much in this form. I’m proud to be the coach of such a team. And I think you can build on that in German rugby. ” he told the teams official portal
Germany rugby have made great strides within the last few weeks and their win over Kenya confirmed the team’s current form earning an applause from their coach.

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