Canada skipper: It was incredibly difficult against Germany

Canada captain Phil Mack says they were aware that Germany would come stronger and they came more prepared for the clash.
The Canadians earned a hard-fought 29-10 victory over Germany and the win has put them in a pole position to qualify for the 2019 World Cup.
“It was incredibly difficult. We knew they were going to come out strong and we knew they were going to be a big physical side so we really prepared for that,” he told World Rugby.
The team has one more match to play and the captain says he hopes that the boys will have the same spirit they had in the Germany game.
” I am so proud of the way the boys hung together and stuck it out. We still have one more game to come and, like last week, we have to reflect on this and carry on and, hopefully, we’ll get a trip to the World Cup.”

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