Dagoretti Bulldogs teams news ahead of Makueni match

Ahead of their opening clash of the season against Makueni scheduled to take play at Makueni Boys on Saturday, Dagoretti have named their matchday squad.
Teddy Bigman, Gerald Osore and Amayo Okiki lead the attacking position as Suleiman Munyendo and David Orato take the lock role. Cezer Otieno and Odame William will begin as flankers as Miltom Mbugua takes the number eight role.
Jamenya Lawrence will pair with Fabian Macheti at the halfback position as Elvin Blair and Evans Kontos play at the wings.
Robinson Wabwile and Anthony Wanga pair at the center back position as Alkan Orato takes the full back role.
The bench has; Dillon Onywera, Langat Ismael,  Elvis Kerre, David Waka, Kevin Wanyonyi,  Dillon Onywera,  Lloyd Muroma, Derrick Getate,
DAGORETTI BULLDOGS RFC SQUAD 1. Teddy Bigman 2. Gerald Osore 3. Amayo Okiki 4. Suleiman Munyendo 5. David Orato 6. Cezer Otieno 7. Odame William 8. Milton Mbugua 9. Jamenya Lawrence 10. Fabian Macheti 11. Elvin Blair 12. Robinson Wabwile 13. Anthony Wanga 14. Evans Kontos 15. Allan Orato
16. Dillon Onywera 17. Langat Ismael 18. Elvis Kerre 19. David Waka 20. Kevin Wanyonyi 21. Dillon Onywera 22. Lloyd Muroma 23. Derrick Getate 24. Sylvester Oketch 25. Jack Ochoro

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