Australia to adopt new tactic ahead of Rugby World Cup

Australia has plans to rest its key players during the 2018/19 Super Rugby season to ensure they are not fatigued heading to the World Cup in Japan. 
This step is a New Zealand program which ensures key players are given enough time off which includes missing some of the Super Rugby games. Australia have the same plans for their team and will take this move to keep players fresh and injury-free as a preparation for the Rugby World Cup in Japan.
This move will be a real test to the Wallabies concerning their teams have had poor performance in the Super Rugby and hence the key players are needed most to improve the teams results, the Wallabies have also had a hard time winning only three of their past eleven test matches their lowest winning percentage since 1974.
According to Fox sport, this agreement has been made between Rugby Australia and the Country’s four teams participating in the Super Rugby.
“What we’ve committed to is developing individual plans for our top players,” Rugby Australia’s high-performance manager Ben Whitaker told the broadcaster.
“That will be a process formed between national team staff and the respective Super Rugby staff of the player, and that will be the full gamut of things around programming, load management, training and playing.
“I don’t know if it will be exactly the same or copying New Zealand, but we will certainly be managing the individual players together and that will incorporate periods of rest.”
New Zealand who came up with this move reinforce enough time for the key players and a mandatory miss of two Regular seasons of the Super Rugby World Cup, although it is not certain if Australia will follow the same to the later or will accommodate a flexible perspective of the same move.

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