How Kenya Simbas will lineup against Romania

Kenya Simbas head coach Ian Snook has named his squad that will take on Romania A in a friendly match that will be staged at Bucharest on Saturday 3PM.
All the 30 players will be involved in the match as the squad has been split into two groups for each half. The first half will feature the likes of Patrick Ouko, Colman Were, Joseph Odero, George Nyambua, Malcom Onsando, Dalmas Chituyi and Davis Chenge in the pack.
The backline has Samson Onsomu, Sammy Oliech, William Ambaka, Darwin Mukidza, Collins Injera, Nelson Oyoo,  Tony Onyango.
Second half
The second half team has the likes of Felix Ayange, Wilson Kopondo,  Philip Ikambili, Moses Amusala, Elkeans Musonye, William Reeves among others.
The team landed in Bucharest on Friday 2 November and held a session at  Sportif Bucharest.  The match is in preparation for the Repechage which will be in Marseille France.
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First Half Line up: 1. Patrick Ouko 2. Colman Were 3.Joseph Odero, 4. George Nyambua 5. Malcolm Onsando 6. Dalmas Chituyi 7.Davis Chenge 8. Martin Owilah 9. Samson Onsomu 10.Sammy Oliech 11.William Ambaka 12.Darwin Mukidza 13.Collins Injera 14.Nelson Oyoo 15. Tony Onyango.
Second half line up:1- Moses Amusala 2- Philip Ikambili  3- Hilary Mwanjilwa (Ephraim Oduor will cover all front row positions) 4- Wilson K’opondo 5- Oliver Mang’eni/ Malcolm Onsando 6- Andrew Amonde 7- Elkeans Musonye  8- Joshua Chisanga  9- Mohammed Omollo  10- Sammy Oliech 11- Willy Ambaka 12- Leo Seje Owade  13- Peter Kilonzo  14- Felix Ayange  15- William Reeve

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