How Wallabies boss inspired charges to a great comeback

Australia boss Micheal Cheika produced a harsh halftime talk and his charges came back stronger to beat Argentina 45-34 in the final Rugby Championship tie.
The side went to the break trailing 31-7. A video in the changing room shows Cheika addressing the side before storming out of the room.
On return from break, Wallabies scored 38-points to avoid a bottom place finish on Rugby Championship standings.
When asked about his halftime talk, the coach said his words were just to make the players think about how much they needed a win.

“It’s not really for public airing but this game is personal. Everything’s got to have personal meaning and we needed to get some personal meaning for our game because in the first half it wasn’t there and once the lads got some meaning about what they wanted to do and some purpose, they played a heap better, a heap better,” he is quoted by Rugby 365.
“I just wanted to say what I felt, that’s all. I didn’t go down there with a plan of doing that or anything like that. I just wanted to say what I felt because the game is personal. I wanted to just let them know how I felt,” he added.

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