Kabras winger out of danger after head knock at Christie's

Kabras RFC Winger Jervis Nyakundi is out of the hospital and recovering from a head knock and a jaw fracture picked in the Challenge trophy semifinals at Christie 7s.
The winger was injured during the final leg of the National 7s Circuit,  held at RFUEA Grounds on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September.
Kabras 7s Edwin Achayo revealed that the star was admitted for 24 hours to make sure he was safe from trauma and swelling.

Kabras winger Jervis Nyakundi while in Hospital on Sunday 16. Photo Courtesy.

The former Kenyan International added that the player was discharged early this week and he is back to Kakamega to continue with the recovery process.
“He had a knock on his head and sustained a jaw fracture. He was admitted to the hospital for the mandatory 24 hr, in the case of a head trauma and just to rule out swelling or any other possible outcome. But he’s recovering well. He back in Kakamega,” Achayo told Scrummage.
The player might sit out close to six weeks since uncomplicated jaw fractures generally heal in 4-6 weeks.

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