Why Australia halfback is not happy with teammates

Australia’s scrumhalf Will Genia has condemned his teammates after two consecutive losses in their Rugby Championship matches against All Blacks.
The team suffered a 13-38 loss to All Blacks in their Rugby Championship opener in Sydney and a 40-12 defeat in the second meeting staged in Auckland.  According to Genia his teammates were not working hard enough on the pitch during the last two matches.
He believes their Sunday meeting highlighted that some players did not perform their role in the pitch and he hopes that things will turn out well once every player does his role.
He also added that the defense was their concern as they have to improve their attack performances.
“We had a good meeting on Sunday as far as answering some of those questions and I think the biggest thing is that we got guys who are for moments in games just not doing their jobs,” Genia told reporters in Queensland on Tuesday.
“Whether that is role clarity or knowledge or understanding the detail, we are obviously trying to figure that out. If we can get guys just doing their jobs every single time and not having to cover for other blokes it makes things a lot easier both with the ball and without the ball. We have lost two games and we haven’t scored as many points as we’d like. I think we are still trying to find our groove,” he said.
“It just comes back to ensuring guys know what their roles are within the system and just doing it and not trying to cover for the blokes beside him. Just do your job be where you supposed to be on the field, whether that is set piece or counterattack or whatever that be and then the attack will flow from there,” Genia concluded.
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