Kenya Simbas coach reveals reason behind Namibia dominance in Africa

Namibia have dominated the fixture against Kenya Simbas winning eight of the last 10 meetings and head coach Ian Snook believes what the side has invested more in rugby compared to other Africa countries.
The Simbas fine run in the Africa Gold Cup was halted in Windhoek as they went down 53-28 in final match of the competition played last Saturday.
The loss means that Kenya will head to Repechage tournament in France where a win will earn them a place in the 2019 World Cup in Japan.
Snook says Namibia have had more funding, good infrastructure and have been building their current team for the past four years, hence making them stronger.
“Namibia get more funding, they have more infrastructure and they have planned for the last four years. They have a long-term plan and they have their players in the South African leagues. There is a whole heap of issues that separates us,” he said.
Kenya’s last win against Namibia in June 2014.
Last meetings
7th November 1993 – Kenya 9-60 Namibia
16th August 2003 – Kenya 10-32 Namibia
27th May 2006 – Namibia 84-12 Kenya
9th September 2006 – Kenya 30-26 Namibia
16th November 2013 – Namibia 55-35 Kenya
27th June 2014 -Kenya 29-22 Namibia
8th August 2015 – Namibia 46-13 Kenya
16th July 2016 – Namibia 56-21 Kenya
29th July 2017 – Namibia 46-13 Kenya
18 August 2018- Namibia 53-28 Kenya

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