Kabras coach picks positives in Prinsloo 7s showing

Despite their main cup hunt ending with a quarter final defeat to Homeboyz,Kabras Sugar coach Edwin Achayo was nonetheless impressed with his side’s perfomance at last weekend’s prinsloo 7s in Nakuru.
Achayo who took charge at the Kakamega outfit following the dismissal of Charles Cardovillis further acknowledged that poor defending let them down.
“It is not where we wanted to be but there are a lot of positives to take from it.We came with a lot of young guys who are looking to make an impression being their first time out,”he told Scrummage.
“Some of them have really shown me that they are ready for the rest of the circuit.Its a long haul obviously;five more legs to go.We still have a lot to polish on but generally iam pleased even though it could have been better,” the Kenya international added.
“We need to polish up on our defence.We shouldn’t have lost some of the games we lost but we can’t dwell on that because it is about the team that takes their opportunities.”
“A couple of missed tackles,like in our final match against Nakuru in which we conceded easy tries and the same happened in the game before that but we shall work on it.”

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