Jaguares eye on making history

Jaguares are to play Bulls on Saturday at Pretoria in the Super Rugby season,where they intend to win the match and quallify for the playoffs for the first time ever.
Ledesma,Jaguares head coach has made some changes to his squad that defeated the Stormers. Matias Alemanno is back at the starting lineup in the frontline squad replacing Tomas Lavanini, he is to aid Guido Petti in locking the scrum. Martias Moroni has earned his first start in the lineup replacing Martias Orlando in the outside center.
The bench also has some changes as Julias Montoya and Marcos Kremer each return from minor injuries replacing Diego Fortuny and Juan Manuel respectively. Joaquin Diaz Bonilla has not been called to the squad but instead Sebastian Cancelliere has received the call.
The Jaguares team is not only looking for a spot at the playoffs but also looking for a top spot in the African Conference.

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