KSSSA 7s: Chavakali High victorious in Vihiga county

Chavakali High School have won the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA)  rugby 7s title in Vihiga County after beating Vihiga High School 19-5 in the final. 
Despite the loss, Vihiga are set to join Chavakali in the Western regional showpiece as the second team.
To reach the final, Chavakali walloped Ebusiloli 29-0 in the semi finals as Vihiga under the tutelage of MMUST assistant coach John Asila sailed through after their opponents Kegoye were disqualified for fielding an ineligible player.
Kegoye’s disqualification came after an appeal by Nyangori High School, prompting their semi final tie against Vihiga to abort at half-time when Vihiga were leading 12-5.
Day 2 Results Vihiga  county
Rugby 7s
Vihiga 45-00 Hobunaka
Chavakali 58-00 Ebwali
Ebusiloli 19-07 Mbale
Nyangori 00-14 Kegoye
Esalwa 29-00 Ebwali
Semi 1
Vihiga vs Kegoye(DQ)
Semi 2
Chavakali 29-00 Ebusiloli
Play off
Ebusiloli 35-00 Nyangori
Chavakali 19-05 Vihiga
KSSSA Vihiga County Rugby 7’s Day One results
1.Vihiga 48-05 Senende
2.Chavakali 34-00 Esalwa
4.Nyangori 37-00 Ebwali
5.Vihiga 12-07 Mbale
6.Chavakali26-14 Kegoye
7.Ebusiloli29-00 Senende
8.Nyangori 29- 00 Esalwa
9.Mbale 36- 05Hobunaka
10.Kegoye 57-00 Ebwali
11.Vihiga 10-05 Ebusiloli
12.Chavakali 24-00 Nyang’ori
13.Mbale 22-12Senende
14.Kegoye 10-00Esalwa

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