Date set for Romania and Spain appeals

World Rugby has confirmed that both Spain and Romania appeals will be heard in 1st of June.
The two countries are appealing to overturn the punishments inflicted on them on May 15th by the World Rugby.
An independent Judicial and Disputes committee has been appointed by the World Rugby to preside over the case following the scandal that engulfed Rugby Europe Championship matches that led to the disqualification of both two teams for qualifying to the RWC.
Russia was the beneficiary after both Spain and Romania were found guilt using of ineligble players during the qualifiers.
The heavy punishment went down with a mandatory fine of £25,000 for each ineligble player used for both Spain and Belgium. Romania being part of the World Rygby council faced a bigger burden  £100,000.
Belgium fielded five ineligible players, Spain two and Romania one at that time.
The penalties levied went down as following:
*Spain: 40 point deduction (8 games) plus £50,000 fine (2 players)
*Romania: 30 point deduction (6 games) plus £100,000 fine (1 player, FRR on WR Council)
* Belgium: 30 point deduction (6 games) plus £125,000 fine (5 players)
Romania and Spain both delivered a formal submission to World Rugby as a response to the punishment in accordance with the Appeals Committee’s directions, Romania accepts to breech the World Rugby Regulation 8 but is appealingvthe sanction. The one player said to be ineligbke is Sione Faka’osilea who was caught by his native Tonga after playing sevens.
Spains on the other hand have a two-fold appeal. The FER  challenges the Independent Disputes Committee’s decision of
(a) deem that the Belgium vs Spain match should not be replayed.
(b) that two ineligible players were fielded during the European Rugby World Cup 2019 qualification process.
The appeal is set on Friday 1st June,and an Independent Appeals Committee comprimising of World Rugby’s independent Judicial Panel Chairman Christopher Quinlan QC (chair).

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