Maseno 7s: Chavakali eliminates Kakamega High to book final spot

Chavakali High School stunned former National champions Kakamega High 12-10 to reach the final of the Maseno 7s tournament. 
Scrummage understands that the matches were disrupted following the heavy downpour in the region with the final pushed to next weekend at the Chavakali High School grounds.
The second semi final was halted at half-time by the rains with hosts Maseno School holding a 7-0 advantage over Ambira.
Before the last four matches, Kakamega A had edged out Maseno B 12-0 in the quarter finals with Maseno A beating Vihiga 19-7.
Ambira were 14-5 winners over Chianda while Chavakali pummeled Butula Boys with a 26-0 score.
Day two collated results
Sirgoi 24-7 Butula A
Maseno C 0-19 Chavakali
Maseno A 7-12 Kakamega A
Barding 14-7 Butula A
Maseno B 14-0 Moi Sirgoi
Maseno C 45-0 Shikunga
Chavakali 7-0 Ambira
Barding 0-12 Vihiga B
Kakamega 27-7 Shikunga
Kamusinga 19-0 Banja
Chianda 10-5 Butula B
Ambira 10-5 Shikunga
Vihiga B 19-0 Butula B
Quarter finals
Kakamega A 12-0 Maseno B
Maseno A 19-7 Vihiga
Chianda 5-14 Ambira
Chavakali 26-0 Butula
Semi finals
Kakamega 10-12 Chavakali
Maseno 7-0 Ambira *stopped at haltime due to heavy rains
19th May 2018

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