Why Impala has included an extra player in Driftwood squad

Impala Saracens head coach Oscar Osir has explained why the Impala technical bench named 13-man squad for the upcoming Driftwood 7s tournament instead of a 12-man squad as is usually the norm with a lot of sevens sides.
Speaking to Impala Saracens, Osir said that going by the past experiences the team has had in other sevens tournaments,they would not want to take chances yet again.
“Our foresight and past experience has taught us a lesson & that’s why we have the 13th player travelling as well,” said Osir.
He further explained how the 4 players listed as non-travelling reserves may come into the picture during the two-day tournament.
“If say a player cannot travel on Friday due to happenings beyond our control, an non-travelling reserve will take his spot.
Another instance would be if we have injuries in Mombasa, we’ll definitely pick a non-travelling reserve,”he added.
This year’s national sevens circuit will kick off on the weekend of September 2-3 in Mombasa with the Driftwood 7s leg.
Impala will be seeking for a more improved perfomance from last year’s national sevens circuit where they finished third.

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