Osir:Impala working on mental skills

Impala Saracens backs coach Oscar Osir says that they are working on mental skills ahead of the national 7s series.
Speaking to Impala Saracens, the tactician said that they have been able to work on the few areas of concern.
-It has been an interesting 60+ days with the boys. We have been able to work on areas that were problematic on an individual and team level.
We can see transformation in the boys’ bodies. The morning gym sessions have been influential as well. In addition to the physical work, we have also been working on their mental skills,”he said.
The national 7s series gets underway in two weeks time with the Driftwood 7s leg in Mombasa the first one on line.
Impala,winners of last year’s Kabeberi 7s as well as 2nd runners up overall will be seeking for a much improved perfomance this season.

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