Kerre enjoying 'new position' at Kenya Simbas

Resolution Impala Saracens player Erick Kerre is enjoying the new role handed to him by Kenya Simbas head coach Jerome Paarwater.
After joining the Simbas fold,Kerre has been playing at position 6 instead of his ususal 4 and he says that he has been doing well at 6 because he has alot of confidence in him and the capability to do well at any position.
“I even had a discussion with head coach – Jerome Paarwater and we are both in agreement that I can switch whenever required to,” he told Impala’s official portal. “It has been lovely playing in the past 2 matches and I look forward to more.”
Kerre who has been in superb form for the Simbas in the past 2 matches and even got himself a try in superb fashion against Germany admits that he would be willing to move for greener pastures if the opportunity presents itself.
“If the opportunity to play abroad announces itself, I won’t be slow to grabbing it. But for now, I want to focus on doing my best in rugby and studies,” he said.
Kerre is optimistic that the Kenya Simbas will claim victory when they come up against a resolute Uganda side in an Africa Gold Cup match.He believes that possession will be key in the contest and they should try and deny the Ugandans time with the ball.
“In as much as I bullied the Ugandans in Kampala, I also had undesirable moments when the Ugandan 8th man carried wide and set platforms of attack for his team. We have been working on communication and improving stopping power between the back-row unit and the fly-half. I know that if we deny these Ugandans possession and I carry with aggression, they won’t have a match on us,”he concluded.

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