Supa Bet takes CSR activities to Masaku

They say it’s good, better yet very courteous to give back to society.  A culture that should be cultivated more and regularly.  This is because not only does one financially support the organization but they also become mentors to the organization. For instance, if it’s a children’s home, the children get to interact with the company or organization that has brought their contribution. Consciously or subconsciously this leaves a positive mark on the children.
This is what drives SUPABET247 the mark, the impact, the change they offer however small. Their moto is, if only they could better at least 1 person’s life in a day their job is done! SUPABET 247 enjoyed their second weekend of June at the Masaku School for the Physically Disabled. They got to have lunch, play games, and also have a tour around the school. This gave them a chance to internalize the current situation and see what else they can do for them.
The pupils also got to showcase their progress both academically and sports wise. They said, it was amazing and inspirational to see how much the children can do and how proud they are of their work. In a society where disability is considered inability their actions and what they have accomplished really goes to show that “we” as a society have it all wrong or twisted.
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