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Let me guess, we have all had friends with benefits once in our lives in all aspects of that statement, better yet, some of us live by that rule,that if we are friend it definitely has to be beneficial …what if I told you there’s a new friend in town and is all about benefits more importantly benefiting your wallet… You can call the situation friends with BETnefits!
Now that it’s Thursday how bout we walk down memory lane… Back when we just had KBC and it would start and end with the National anthem and the program line up. Where the choice of cartoons ranged from He man and Shera,Tazmania devil, Johnny bravo, Flintstones, Danger mouse, Road runner, Scooby-Doo, Adams family . The smufs…you name it. We would like you to tweet @supabet247 or go to your FB page and tell us what your favorite cartoon was and why (remember to tag us SupaBet247). That being said the person with the most tweets or likes stands to win 5000 Ksh. With Supabet247 and to make it even better once your register via sms 29247 you automatically have a bonus of 50 shillings to place your first bet with SUPABET247 how about that for friends with BETnefits…
Just dial 29247

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