Henry Wanyoike Foundation

Sports are generally important be it from a health angle, community aspect or as a country.
We have been participating in various sports and have brought great recognition and revenue. This in return has placed us on the map and opened other great doors for potential businesses.
Sports for persons with disabilities have also had its share of growth and wins. Kenyans have adopted the concept and have gone to various lengths to support the cause. Media personalities and great leaders of our community have also joined the ban wagon. Henry Wanyoike for one is a great athlete who has participated in several international runs and has a foundation named after him.
SUPABET247 began the cold month on a great note as the past weekend they graced the well renowned athlete Henry Wainyoike in his annual run and donated 100,000 shillings to his foundation. The success and turn up was nothing short of inspirational said Mrs. Wainyoike who also thanked all the sponsors who contributed to the cause of the day.
Her final remarks were ‘we should all gear up for the next run which will be next year 6th June, 2018’
One of SUPABET247’s mottos is empowering its people and community.
The foundation’s key focus for the day was to raise money for the children of various ages who wouldn’t afford school fees due to a number of issues or circumstances.
Apart from that it has various programs that touch on numerus sensitive issues within our society such as;

  • Scholarship programs for both able and disabled children of society
  • Provision of mobility aid devises such as white canes, wheelchairs, talking watches etc.
  • Sinking boreholes in water deprived communities/areas
  • Provision of playing kits for schools with children with special needs
  • Motivational speaking in the different schools

Just to name a few.
Carolle Kariuki-marketing executive at SUPABET247 participated in the 3 km run was able to confirm that the turnout was great and very inspirational. She went ahead to add that she had a misconceived notion that Kenyans only show up in numbers in times of calamities, clearly she couldn’t be any further from the truth. Thanks to the run, she has new found respect for Kenyans as a whole.
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