New fixtures for 2021 Kenya Cup season as four sides withdraw

The 2021 Kenya Cup season will have eight teams, will be played on a home and away basis and will adopt a round-robin format.

The team with the most points will be declared the Champions and there will be no relegation. Impala, Nondies, Mwamba, Homeboyz will not be part of the campaign having cited unpreparedness.

“Eight teams namely KCB,Kabras Sugar,Nakuru, Menengai Oilers, Blak Blad,Kenya Harlequin, Strathmore Leos and MMUST will play in the Kenya Cup from 27 February while the other four namely Nondescripts,Impala, Homeboyz and Mwamba are not ready to play for various reasons shared with the organizers and as a result, are excluded from this season’s fixtures,” reads a statement by Kenya Cup 

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Charity Cup

Feb 21 Kabras Sugar vs Kenya Harlequin

27 February Match Day 1

Kabras vs Masinde Muliro University
KCB vs Strathmore Leos
Menengai Oilers vs Kenya Harlequins
Top Fry Nakuru vs BlakBlad

06 March Match Day 2

Top Fry Nakuru vs Masinde Muliro University
BlakBlad vs Menengai Oilers
Kenya Harlequin vs KCB
Strathmore Leo vs Kabras Sugar

13 March 21 Match Day 3

Masinde Muliro University vs Strathmore Leos
Kabras Sugar vs Kenya Harlequin
KCB vs BlakBlad
Menengai Oilers vs Top Fry Nakuru

20 March 21 Match Day 4

Menengai Oiler vs Masinde Muliro University
Top Fry Nakuru vs KCB
BlakBlad vs Kabras Sugar
Kenya Harlequin vs Strathmore Leos

27 March 21 Match Day 5

Masinde Muliro vs Kenya Harlequin
Strathmore Leos vs BlakBlad
Kabras Sugar vs Top Fry Nakuru
KCB vs Menengai Oilers

03 April 21 Match Day 6

KCB vs Masinde Muliro University
Menengai Oilers vs Kabras Sugar
Top Fry Nakuru vs Strathmore Leos
BlakBlad vs Kenya Harlequin

10 Apr 21 Match Day 7

Masinde Muliro University vs BlakBlad
Kenya Harlequin vs Top Fry Nakuru
Strathmore Leos vs Menengai Oilers
Kabras Sugar vs KCB

17 April 21 Match Day 8

Masinde Muliro University vs Kabras Sugar
Strathmore Leos vs KCB
Kenya Harlequin vs Menengai Oilers
BlakBlad vs Top Fry Nakuru

24 Apr 21 Match Day 9

Masinde Muliro University vs Top Fry Nakuru
Menengai Oilers vs BlakBlad
KCB vs Kenya Harlequin
Kabras Sugar vs Strathmore Leos

01 May 21 Match Day 10

Strathmore Leos vs Masinde Muliro University
Kenya Harlequin vs Kabras Sugar
BlakBlad vs KCB
Top Fry Nakuru vs Menengai Oilers

08 May 21 Match Day 11

Masinde Muliro University vs Menengai Oilers
KCB vs Top Fry Nakuru
Kabras Sugar vs BlakBlad
Strathmore Leos vs Kenya Harlequin

15 May 21 Match Day 12

Kenya Harlequin vs Masinde Muliro University
BlakBlad vs Strathmore Leos
Top Fry Nakuru vs Kabras Sugar
Menengai Oilers vs KCB

22 May 21 Match Day 13

Masinde Muliro University vs KCB
Kabras Sugar vs Menengai Oilers
Strathmore Leos vs Top Fry Nakuru
Kenya Harlequin vs BlakBlad

29 May 21 Match Day 14

BlakBlad vs Masinde Muliro University
Top Fry Nakuru vs Kenya Harlequin
Menengai Oilers vs Strathmore Leos
KCB vs Kabras Sugar

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